You certainly have a number of referral options for patients with sleep apnea. Here are a few reasons why so many providers trust Bayside to provide CPAP therapy to their sleep apnea patients:


  • Founded in 1974, now proudly serving over 4,000 active CPAP patients with sleep-disordered breathing. 
  • Bayside is the premier sleep & respiratory supplier in NE Wisconsin with a 82% Compliance Rate with CPAP therapy. This Key Indicator is 66% higher than industry average rate. 
  • We offer a comprehensive program that can be utilized in its entirety – custom fittings through ongoing treatment, or you may choose any portion, i.e. a referral for supplies
  • Bayside is Medicare-accredited and in-network with over 200 insurance companies. 
  • Registered Respiratory Therapists (RRT) lead our effort to provide in-depth reporting tools to keep you apprised of your patients’ treatment progress.
  • We make it very simple for you to refer patients to us.

Bayside looks forward to being your care partner, improving the lives of your patients with successful CPAP therapy.

The Journal of the American Medical Association notes that 1 in 5 adults have mild OSA and 1 in 15 have moderate to severe cases.

According to Sleep, 75% of severe SDB cases are undiagnosed.

The consequences of failing to treat sleep apnea can be deadly, since co-morbid diseases include cardiovascular issues, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and stroke:



of congestive heart failure patients have SDB

(per the European Journal of Heart Failure)


of patients with mild OSA and 69% of patients with

severe OSA have hypertension (as per Sleep)


of type 2 diabetes sufferers have sleep apnea

(as per Endocrine Practice) and that number jumps to 86%

when patients are obese (as per Diabetes Care)


of stroke patients have sleep disordered breathing (as per Stroke)

In addition, Sleep notes that SDB is associated with a threefold increase in mortality risk and PLOS Medicine reports that severe sleep apnea raises sufferers’ death risk by 46%. By partnering with Bayside to treat OSA early, physicians can help ensure patients do not become part of those troublesome statistics.